SpeedRFP™ and Cloud-Based eRFPs – From Present to Future

by Kelly Foy, CEO, Elite Meetings International

Santa Barbara, CA – October 2013 / Hospitality 1ST

We’ve all heard a lot about “the cloud.”

Companies on Wall Street are making billions touting their ability to help companies transition into cloud-based environments, and a cottage industry of consultants is offering assistance in understanding what the cloud is, and means, to business.

There’s no reason to believe the cloud will have anything less than a huge impact in the meeting and hotel industries – industries valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars – but as any meeting or hotel professional knows, the devil is in the details: at the end of the day, it’s still about saving time and money, booking a meeting quickly and efficiently, and making sure communication between parties is effective and seamless.

Here, industry experts agree, SpeedRFP™ can make a huge difference.

As a recent trade journal noted, SpeedRFP is both a time-saver and a potential marketing tool, enabling hotels to put hotels in front of high-quality, active buyers.

In the last year, SpeedRFP has transmitted more than 43,000 RFPs, accounting for more than 3 million room nights, representing bookings of more than $100 million.

Why the growth?

The “Secret Sauce:” Portability and Ease of Use

Using SpeedRFP, a planner can send complete RFPs to multiple hotels with a single mouse click. SpeedRFP thens stores and tracks information related to each RFP recipient. This ensures streamlined communication and allows the planner to access updated responses and information from anywhere.

It’s like a portable eRFP system, which saves users time and money.

Currently, the universe of SpeedRFP members is 143,155, more than 70,000 of whom are sales representatives from over 10,000 hotels and resorts worldwide That means the SpeedRFP planner members have direct untethered access to, and attention from, the industry’s most group business-focused hotels worldwide.

From the hoteliers’ perspective, SpeedRFP helps eliminate lead spam via a variety of technological solutions, most importantly:

  1. The system cross checks the RFP to prevent duplicate RFP submission to a same hotel or resort.
  2. The system flags any hotel or resort that does not have enough rooms to accommodate a specific piece of business.They typical group opportunity submitted via SpeedRFP is sent to only 3 or 4 hotels on average, meaning recipient hotels have a at least a 25-33% chance of winning the business. And in an era where availability is at a premium, it’s likely that a hotel or resort that responds first with a proposal, will likely win the business.

Hotel professionals also benefit from the easy two-way communication, and cloud- based functionality of the system.

SpeedRFP technology helps drive Hilton’s Connect+ booking platform, which was announced just weeks ago.

Other well known brands such as MGM Resorts, Dolce Hotels, and dozens of others, have already become SpeedRFP enabled. And the more the universe expands, the more attractive the solution will be from a planner’s perspective.

Looking Ahead

It’s been said that the hotel business may get “turned upside down” as a result of the industry’s movement to the cloud.

For booking meetings and group business, however, cloud-based systems have the perspective of turning things “right side up” – and promoting efficiencies, connections and new business generators hotel sales professionals have never seen before.

SpeedRFP is an important portal into that exciting future.



About SpeedRFP
RFP is the fastest, most efficient cloud-based electronic RFP management system for facilitating group business. The system, which is free for planners, recently surpassed the 65,000-user mark and grows, on average, by 106 users each day. Hotels, conference centers, and destination websites easily plug SpeedRFP into their websites to unify, simplify and expedite proposals for group business. For more information, please visit www.SpeedRFP.com, or call 805-879-4479.

About Elite Meetings International
Based in Santa Barbara, Elite Meetings International (EMI) provides integrated solutions to enhance the performance of meeting and hospitality professionals. EMI supports this community through a combination of innovative technology, direct sales support, customized marketing programs, and face-to-face business-building events. Additionally, www.EliteMeetings.com serves as a comprehensive and commission-free tool for sourcing luxury, upper-upscale, and upscale properties. EMI’s software products include SpeedRFP™ Universal RFP System for creating, submitting, and managing RFPs online (www.SpeedRFP.com), and FaceTime™ Appointment Scheduler which helps conference attendees identify synergies, manage appointments, and make direct connections with one another (www.FaceTimeScheduler.com). For additional information, please visit www.EliteMeetings.com or call 805-730-1000.
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